Publishing Services

High Horse Publishing offers a comprehensive range of publishing and editorial services to individuals, trade publishers and organisations.

In addition to trade publishing we also specialise in co-publishing arrangements and fee-for-service publishing for authors who wish to sidestep the constraints of traditional publishing and retain artistic and financial control over their projects. 

These services are available individually or as a complete package:

  • Project management, from manuscript to finished book
  • Manuscript assessment and advice
  • Structural and copy-editing
  • Book design
  • Advice on distribution, sales and marketing
  • E-book services
  • Freelance & ghostwriting services


Co-publication is a great alternative for authors who wish to sidestep the constraints of traditional publishing and retain artistic and financial control over their project. The High Horse co-publishing model ensures that your book will be produced to the same exacting editorial and design standards as those employed in the large trade publishing houses. 

Traditional publishers, these days, are reluctant to take on authors without a proven publishing history and so many frustrated writers, anxious to see their work in print, turn to self-publishing. Typically, the author will have little or no experience of complex publishing processes and the only substantial editorial input or critique will have come from well-meaning friends and relatives.

Companies offering no-frills self-publishing packages usually provide little more than a spell-check and a generic design. This is not publishing, it is printing. The end result is invariably an unedited, poorly designed book that does not do justice to the quality of the writing and which has no prospects of being noticed beyond a small circle. Book reviewers, bookstores and readers treat such books accordingly.

Co-publishing with High Horse will ensure that your raw manuscript, through thoughtful and sympathetic editorial advice and careful design, will be transformed into a beautifully produced book that makes the most of your talent and hard work.

High Horse manages the whole process — in close consultation with you, the author — from rough manuscript to the bookstore shelf. This includes editing and design through to publicity, marketing and distribution. The final result will be indistinguishable from books published by mainstream publishing houses.

The crucial difference is that you finance the project, but you also receive the rewards that come from sales — High Horse takes no share of this revenue. This process is not for all authors, but if you have a niche topic, an established network of professional interest, or simply wish to use your book as a marketing tool co-publishing can be a far more lucrative option than conventional trade publishing.

For example, the standard royalty earned by an author for a book with a mainstream publisher is 10% of recommended retail. With the High Horse model you will receive 100% of the retail price of the books you sell directly, and approximately 30% of retail if you sell through our recommended bookstore distribution network. A combination of the two methods usually works best for most authors.

The initial costs are not insignificant but the breakeven point can often be achieved quickly if you have an entrepreneurial bent and are prepared to energetically promote your book.

To discuss how High Horse’s co-publishing services can work for your project please contact us.


High Horse Publishing

High Horse is a publishing and custom book production company established in 2007 by Russ Radcliffe. 

Before that Russ spent 10 years as a bookseller and literary events organiser at Reader's Feast Bookstore and 5 years as commissioning editor at Scribe Publications

Russ has experience in most aspects of the life cycle of the book: from the commissioning of a book based on a seminal idea to the development of the manuscript, from design and production to the marketing and sale of the finished book in the store.

Some of the clients we have worked with recently: