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And the name of the company? It was inspired by a comment ascribed to Gore Vidal who said that in any argument he
always liked to keep his high horse tethered conveniently by. It may be apocryphal, but it certainly sounds like him.


Russ will be on ABC RN\\\'s Media Report with Fiona Katauskas and Richard Aedy ,Thursday 4 November at 5.30pm

Russ will be talking political cartoons and reviewing the year with the Breakfasters on Triple RRR, Thursday 30 October at 8.45am

Russ will be on ABC News Breakfast with Virginia Trioli and Michael Rowland, Tuesday 4 November at 8.30am

Russ will be participating in 2 sessions at the annual Crime & Justice Festival, Reader’s Feast Bookstore, Melbourne.


Michael Mori, former member of the Marine Corps and author of In the Company of Cowards talks to Russ Radcliffe about Bush, Howard, Guantanamo, and defending David Hicks. Saturday 15 November at 10.00am,

A Just World? A conversation about the state of the world with Michael Mori, US lawyer and author of In the Company of Cowards; author, journalist and social commentator David Marr; and Russ Radcliffe. Sunday, 16 November at 2pm.

Suppositories of Wisdom: an exhibition of the Best Australian Political Cartoons of 2013

No one, however smart, however well-educated, however experienced … is the suppository of all wisdom. — Tony Abbott

Saturday, 5 April to 3 May

Antipodes bookshop & gallery

138 Ocean Beach Road, Sorrento

 Russ Radcliffe received the 2013 Jim Russell Award for services to Australian cartooning for Best Australian Political Cartoons. The Stanley awards for the real talents went to David Rowe, Mark Knight, Gary Clark, Glen Le Lievre and the Gold Stanley to Anton Emdin.

A big thanks to Senator Brandis for his support of Best Australian Political Cartoons and the nations cartoonists.

Bruce Petty: Congratulations to this extraordinary cartoonist and film-maker for his induction into the Melbourne Press Club\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Victorian Media Hall of Fame. Watch his acceptance speech.

A Guardian article by Russ Radcliffe 

Dirt files: an exhibition of Australian political cartoons, curated by Russ Radcliffe, starting 15 July 2013 at the ANU School of Art, Canberra. Tour the exhibition. 

Dirt files: an exhibition of Australian political cartoons at Museum of Australian Democracy at Ballarat. Starts 10 August 2013

Featured Books

Best Australian Political Cartoons 2014

Best Australian Political Cartoons 2014

edited by Russ Radcliffe
Started in 2003, Best Australian Political Cartoons is not just a collection, more an alternative and subversive pictorial history — an indispensable annual guide to Australian politics and society in this election year.

Dirt Files: A Decade of Best Australian Political Cartoons

Dirt Files: A Decade of Best Australian Political Cartoons

edited by Russ Radcliffe
Based on the bestselling annual Best Australian Political Cartoons series, Dirt Files features over 400 of the finest political cartoons to have appeared in Australia from 2003 to 2012, and provides a vivid collective account of a particularly fractious decade.

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Best Australian Political Cartoons 2013, from the Introduction

Best Australian Political Cartoons 2013, from the Introduction

Remember when Tony Abbott was unelectable? He was too conservative; too Catholic; too aggressive; too extreme; women hated him. Remember the nervous shudder that went through the Liberal party (and everyone else) when he was elected in that caucus room cock-up in 2010? Even after removing one prime minister and taking the Coalition within a whisker of a miraculous return to office after only one term in opposition, the conventional wisdom was that he would never make the transition from total warrior to statesman, from chaos agent to creator. Three-word slogans are fine in opposition, but the wrecker and the builder ain’t the same thing.